As we have been waiting for spring to come to start our first round of seeds I wanted to take some time to look into different gardening programs for both children and adults. I was directed to a company called Growing Young Farmers which offers school workshops as well as summer camps. I am excited to have found this resource as it would be a great opportunity to bring in a professional to the class and link what we learned to science, social studies, physical health education, and even math curriculum! Check out their site below and see what they have to offer!

Check out this short video to see what awesome stuff they can teach our kids and students!

Another awesome resource I came accross when talkin to my sister was the Compost Education Center! They offer adult classes, child and youth classes, as well as child and parent classes. This is yet another awesome resource that can be incorporated into our classrooms, raising students who know how to plant gardens, care for them, and have a better understanding of the importance of sustainability!

Check out a short video below of their programs in action!