Goodbye winter and hello spring! This weekend is the start of spring and the start of planting for our vegetable garden! We were able to plant our 3 different kinds of carrots and our broad beans as they can all be started early spring! We planted volcano carrots, nutri-red carrotsl, and kuroda nova carrots. Interestingly the kuroda nova carrots are planted close to the surface while the other two carrots called to be planted deep in the soil. All of the carrots prefer moist soil so it will be important to water frequently once things warm up.

The seeds we planted today!

The soil was still quite wet but hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and we don’t have anymore cold spells as that could affect the growth of the plants! We planted the carrots in the raised garden bed, take a look at our timelapse video below to see Ava and I plant the seeds!

Ava and I platning our carrots!

Next up we planted our broad beans in the large tire raised bed. This is our first time planting broad beans but from what I have read they are hardy vegetables so hopefully they will work out where they are in the garden! They are okay in part shade so we put them in the corner that doesn’t get full sun. See our video below planting the beans!

Ava and I planting the broad beans!

In addition to planting some of our seeds today I had some fun filming us with a timelapse video and I discovered iMovie, which is easy to use for beginers and it seemed like relativley basic options for editing videos but was perfect for this first time video editor!